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Stop being in charge of everything

Want more time off? Want to build a better business? Want better customers? Want a strong management team? Want accountable people? Want to make more money?

It’ll never happen with you 100% in charge of everything and chief worker and decision maker in your business.

When you are doing all the selling, ordering supplies, going to the office supply store, making sure your VA is working, checking all the details, having all the passwords, or actually doing some of the work yourself, your business is stuck at the level of what YOU can do, control and micro-manage.

THAT is why business owners are EXHAUSTED.

Employees don’t like to be tightly supervised, over-checked, micro-managed, and not be given authority to make decisions. When they can’t make decisions and have no say in how a project or task is to be completed, they don’t take responsibility or act accountable for what they aren’t in charge of. When you tell people what to do without their input or ideas, they decide if and when they’ll do it.

Plus people who aren’t allowed to provide input don’t feel part of a team and, therefore, decide if they’ll do their best. Therefore, they do as little work as possible for an over-bearing boss who does all the talking and no listening. This downward cycle continues on and on, which frustrates the control-freak boss who doesn’t understand why he or she can’t find any accountable or responsible help. Why? Who would want to work for a control freak?

I hear the complaint all the time: "I can't find good people to work for me." That could have an element of truth. But the reason may also be: the person / CEO / Boss / Owner in the mirror.

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