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Is Your Family Paying For Your Business?

“When going through hell, move quickly.” Small business owners are often in financial hell: Hell is not knowing if your business will be operating in 3 months (or less). Hell is not knowing how much you need this week or month to cover your business expenses. Hell is not knowing if you can take a paycheck this month. Again. Hell is having to take a “loan” against a credit card to pay the IRS. Hell is dipping into savings to make ends meet because you haven’t taken a paycheck in months. How do I know this? Two reasons: first, according to the Small Business Administration, 75% of small businesses do not survive their financial situation in the first 5 years in business. Second reason: I hear it EVERY week. When a potential client and I have a business strategy session, I hear this message ALMOST EVERY TIME: “I want to get on top of my numbers before they crush me.” The next 10 years for the business owner is generally worse: 90% of small businesses fold due to financial stress, i.e. lack of cash flow and profit. And worse yet, is your family paying for your business rather than the business supporting the family? Unless the business is trying to sell a product that no one wants, (like hand-knit kitten leg warmers), profit is possible for business owners. In fact, profit is REQUIRED. So, why is this happening? In my experience, these business owners don’t have the basic financial processes in place to manage their business. Simple tools like a budget. Simple processes like putting money aside in a separate bank account for taxes as the income is deposited. And other small steps that can alleviate much stress. I put together a simple, 4-week program that teaches the financial basics that business owners need to get a handle on their money. It is not complicated and only takes minutes per week to maintain. I provide spreadsheet tools which allow the entrepreneur to know EXACTLY what is required to cover business expenses AND a paycheck. And a little profit too. If you are struggling with your business’ financial situation and are constantly dipping into savings or credit cards to pay the bills, this $107 course will change your life. Look what the last students have said about the class:

“I just wanted to share I've never stuck to a budget or even really had a budget for that matter. For the month of April, I set a budget and tracked every single expense and so far it looks like I will have saved a whopping $1,251 compared to March. It really is crazy the amount of money we don't realize that walks out of the door. I diligently packed lunch every day, when I went to the grocery store I stuck to my budget for each shopping trip; I tracked all expenses 2x a week which only took a few minutes each time. I have an excel spreadsheet saved on Google docs so I can access from anywhere. It truly helps to track your expenses because the $5 here $20 there really do add up. Plus you can truly calculate what you have leftover to spend or when you can't spend anymore. This has been so helpful and insightful for me because I am a spender. Thank you, Diana!”

“So this just happened! My CPA called me to talk about making my payroll, FICA and Unemployment taxes and withholdings and something else but my eyes just glazed over!!

But when she asked me what was your income for the last 3 months and what was your personal and business expenses...I perked right up. I was like stand-by, let me run my numbers!!

Logged in to my Mint and ran the income and expense trends and gave the numbers lickety split!!! I felt so freaking smart and savvy. Thanks, Diana Miret you are awesome!! I have a referral for you for your June jumpstart!!”

I promise, my friend— you have everything you need to take control of your finances and pursue your most cherished dreams. No matter your age, your income, or your background. Money doesn’t have to be a source of stress and shame. It can be a source of joy and empowerment. “Remember that small steps can create giant leaps over time, so never think of any financial or spending matter as a small one.” ~ David Bach, author of Smart Women Finish Rich Register today for the October 14th, 30-Day Profit Jump Start Program. It is $107 and starts at 7:00 PM. Every single person who has taken this course has paid for the course with “found money” in the first 2 weeks. That makes the Program a great investment with 100%+ ROI! NOTE: This is the last time this class will be taught LIVE. I am porting it to an on-line class in 2020. So if you want LIVE training, now is the time.

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