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  • Diana Miret - The Business Profit Coach

Are you really listening to your customer?

Or are you busy telling them what you sell?

The truth is, the customer doesn't really care what you are selling. He/she cares that they have a need and that it needs to be met. They may be uncomfortable or anxious about something. They may have a desire or a pain point. Either way, they likely don't care about what you sell.

Besides, there are lots of people trying to sell them stuff every day. Estimates range between 1,000 to 2,000 media messages bombard our customer every day. Their brain is busy tuning out "noise". You included.

Too many rookie entrepreneurs prattle on and on about "I sell these widgets, and I have a 20% off sale going on for these other widgets, and I have a bundle that will save you a bunch of money if you buy it ..."

The customer doesn't give a damn.

He/she has a need AND IF WE TAKE THE TIME TO FIND OUT WHAT THAT IS, we stand a better chance of making a sale.

Become the ultimate listener to your customer and once you figure out what that need is, focus all your energy and effort on their number one need or desire. Become an expert in identifying your customer's need and go the extra step of connecting those customers to a personalized solution.

As a business profit coach, I teach my clients how to hone their message and approach so that they will be heard by their ideal customer. I encourage them to focus on how the customer is feeling right now and now what they are selling.

Sales go up. Profit goes up. Customers are happier. We all know that is the key to staying in business.

Try it. If you want to try out your "new" sales approach on someone, book a free one-hour session with me and lets explore your message, your method and your audience. Did I mention it is free?

Click here to the free session:

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