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Through cash flow management and proven financial strategies, it's time to increase your profits by 21%!

About Me

My name is Diana Miret, and there are two things that I need in my life (besides my beloved family and two Chihuahuas): Coffee and business books. Coffee keeps me alive, books keep me passionate. (My favorite business book is "The Road Less Stupid" by Keith Cunningham- you should give it a try!)

In my 35 years as an executive and CFO, I’ve helped hundreds of businesses reach 7 figures and achieve the wealth needed to pursue what matters to them most, be it health, family, life, traveling, and more.

Today, I focus my energy on helping small business CEOs redefine success by finding peace of mind, giving them clarity about their numbers, and helping them reach their financial goals.

I look forward to helping you do the same.


My Consulting Services

Proven strategies for success
Business Conference

Profit Optimization

Increasing company revenue is often not enough to increase profit and reduce debt.

When CEOs and Business owners want to increase profits, usually the first thing that comes to mind is to increase revenue. But they are surprised when they realize that increased revenue does not increase their profits.  


I transform and optimize profit and show you how to increase revenues by 21% or more.

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Cash Flow Management

Cash flow management means tracking the money coming into your business and monitoring it against outgoings such as bills, salaries and property costs. When done well, it gives you a complete picture of cost versus revenue and ensures you have enough funds to pay your bills while making a profit.

I help small businesses understand and improve their cash needs.  Using Profit First, we safeguard much needed cash and protect a consistent profit.

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Accounting Tasks


Failing to plan, is planning to fail.

A forecast uses past and present financial data of the company to plan for operations, hiring of staff, buying equipment and cash flow.

It helps the business owner plan for the future and make informed decisions.

I help businesses create a simple but clear forecast for their operation.  This generates peace of mind.

My Tool-Kit

Monthly / Bi-Weekly Indepth Strategy Calls

Profit First Certified

Fix This Next Certified

Certified Business Process Master

Certified Project Management expertise

KPI Tracking

FathomHQ Certified

Experience, at a fixed, affordable cost

The cost of hiring a full-time CFO can range from $175,000 to over $480,000 per year, plus vacations, bonuses, and other benefits. This cost can be significant for new and growing businesses.  A Virtual CFO can provide the following services: cash flow management, CPA and bookkeeper relationships, weekly company meetings, business forecasting, company-wide KPIs, and more, all at a fraction of the cost of a full-time CFO. 

My CFO service ranges from $1000 to $1800 per month, depending on size of business.


Brand Strategist

"Do I think Diana is a miracle worker? You bet I do. I have recommended her and Profit First to so many people. I am still in awe as to how this turnaround happened. I don’t understand why this system works, but I don’t care. My bank accounts all show healthy balances, I’m paying myself, and I’m taking a twenty-three-day vacation with my husband in August.  Amazing!"

eCommerce Retailer

"You have changed my business and my life.

I never understood my numbers or the impact they have on my life and business.

I don't know where I would be without your help."

Real Estate Developer

Luxurious Garden

"So this just happened! My CPA called me to talk about making my payroll, FICA and Unemployment taxes and withholdings and something else but my eyes just glazed over!!

But when she asked me what was your income for the last 3 months and what was your personal and business expenses...I perked right up. I was like stand by let me run my numbers!!


Logged in to my Mint and ran the income and expense trends and gave the numbers lickety split!!!

I felt so freaking smart and savvy. Thanks, Diana. You are awesome!!"

Let's Work Together!

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It's time to Increase Your Profits
by at least 21%. 

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