The 10 Inherent Qualities of an Entrepreneur


I love entreprenuers because, by my definition, they are positive and determined.  I can't think of any other kind of people I would rather work with or BE!


You will never see a successful entrepreneur who is negative or does not believe in what they do. Those are only two of the many inherent qualities of an entrepreneur. 


1 – BUSINESS FOCUSED : profit-oriented, plans for growth, clear goals, alignment with business tight operations

2 – CONFIDENCE : self-awareness, conviction in ability to succeed, action- oriented, proactive

3 – CREATIVE THINKER : firing off many ideas, curious, quick learner, exploratory, imaginative, alert

4 – DELEGATOR : collaborates, recognizes and draws on people’s abilities, encourages team contribution

5 – DETERMINATION : persistent, eager to act, confronts obstacles, not deterred by roadblocks

6 – INDEPENDENT : resolute, faith in self, multi-tasking, responsible, multiple competencies, ‘can do’

7 – KNOWLEDGE-SEEKER : anticipates and uses knowledge, drives for in-depth information, knowledge as an asset

8 – PROMOTER : communicator, speaks boldly, storyteller, ambassador, persuasive, enthusiastic 

9 – RELATIONSHIP-BUILDER : mutually-beneficial links inside and outside workplace, open, socially aware, integrity

10 – RISK-TAKER : optimistic, rational decisions, charismatic, confident, will to win, can deal with complexity





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