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A CFO does three main things - regardless if they're the CFO of a multi-billion dollar business or small business:

1. They track revenue, profit and cash flow 
2. They analyze the businesses’ financial strengths & weaknesses
3. And, most importantly, they propose corrective actions

We will guarantee increased profitability of 10% - 29% if you implement the strategies we identify.  That's right, follow our advice and you WILL see massive improvement.

This is how I do it.*

Fractional CFO Service - $1597+ a month for 3 months

Monthly meetings with me to know exactly what to focus on every month to have a more profitable (and higher cash flowing) business.

You’ll finally understand the financial health of the business (and what to do about it) using our dashboard system.

And, you no longer have to be in this by yourself. You will have a ‘go-to’ financial guide. 

This service includes a detailed in-depth monthly report analyzing performance which is yours to keep.

You must have your books on Quickbooks Online for this service.

One-Day Intensive (virtual)

$ 2500

Spend one full day on your financials.  We analyze your revenue, profit, profit margin, Operating Cash flows and 5 key ratios.

We analyze what these numbers mean, where the problems are, and where things are getting better or worse.

We identify the exact places to dig to optimize financial results.

You take our findings and make decisions to increase cash flow and profitability.

You must have your books on Quickbooks Online for this service.

This is offered virtually only.

Bookkeeping Review - $997

We will dive into your books and assess how efficient they are.

We will document recommendations for improvement and a restructure of your Chart of Accounts to aid in clarity for the business owner to understand what the numbers mean and where the problems are.

You must have your books on Quickbooks Online for this service.

Quarterly Financial Review - $1000 a quarter

One 90 minute meeting a quarter to review:  income, expense, balance sheet and cash flow trends.

I complete a detailed analysis before the meeting so that the 90 minutes are filled with value.  I prepare a report which is yours to keep.

I review 5 key ratios and identify the 3 top things you should focus on in the next quarter.

You must have your books on Quickbooks Online for this service.

Strategy Session - 90 minutes - $500

You may just want to talk to a pro:  ask questions, probe the numbers, ask for  some advice and go away and think about it.

We get it.

If you decide that the information we discussed was valuable and you want to proceed with any other Service, we will apply the $500 towards the first month.

Lean Business Plan - $1997

Every business should have a business plan.  It doesn't need to be a 50-slide Powerpoint with endless small print.

We will help you create a 2-3 page Lean Business Plan that clearly lays out where your business is headed.

We document the vision, mission and problem the business solves.  We identify the ideal customer and the marketing channels that will be used to reach them.  We document the team, roles and resposibilties and create a 1 year project plan for the upcoming 12 months.

This document is a valuable guide for all members of the management team as well as trusted advisors and suppliers such as banks, investors, etc.

*We ask clients to sign an agreement - not a contract.  You can cancel at any time with 30 days notice.

Preparing Drinks


We understand 9 to 5 doesn't work for everybody.  We will take on a limited number of meetings on Saturday mornings and Monday evenings to support those CEOs that need it.

What Our Clients Say

Glass Buildings
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DH, Social Media Practice Owner

So I have worked with Diana to build out my packages, pricing and onboarding process for my clients.    I was struggling to onboard clients quickly because I didn't have a system.  The thing I appreciated about working with Diana is she was able to take the big vision I had in my head and create a simple and easy process for me to follow.     As a result,  I have been able to enroll more clients and feel more confident when delivering my proposal.


Lastly,  beyond her being a great system person she was really interested in my success.    Most people today just take your money but they are not vested in seeing you win.      This is why I would highly recommend you work with her.     So yes it was more than worth my time working with her....  in fact she gave me back my time.