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Question # 25 - I need to increase my profit! Tell me how.

To get a 25% increase in your Net Profit you simply need to do the following things:

2% savings from business expenses

1% increase in your Prices

1% increase in your Sales

Mathematically, that will give you a 25% increase in your Net Profit.

Simple? Yes. Easy? Maybe. This is where a CFO can help you analyze your numbers and make recommendations on how to do these "simple" things.

The Three Things a CFO does are:

  1. Track Profit and Cash Flow

  2. Analyze financial strengths and weaknesses

  3. Propose corrective actions - like the ones above

I offer a free consultation to small business owners to help them understand what’s going right and what’s going wrong…

Book your right fit call today! I have 3 slots open for new CFO clients.

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