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The Business Hierarchy of Needs

Today, we are excited to share an asset with you that we not only believe in whole-heartedly, but we think is the answer to some of the biggest frustrations we’ve faced within our business.

Consider this…

The biggest challenge entrepreneurs have is NOT knowing what their “biggest” challenge is.

Overwhelm doesn’t come from too much to do, it comes from not knowing what to do next.

The solution to all of this overwhelm and frustration took years for one man to create. And today, we are able to share it with you…

The Fix This Next diagnostic tool was developed by multi New York Times best-selling author, Mike Michalowicz. His framework draws on the five identified levels of needs shared by every business. These five levels of needs are coined the “Business Hierarchy of Needs”. His goal with the Fix This Next concept: help eradicate entrepreneurial poverty by showing business owners a simple system to uncover their greatest challenge. With this clarity, they can then systematically fix the issues that will yield the greatest impact on improving their business, without burning out trying to fix everything at once.

Through his journey and research he figured out that every business has a hierarchy of needs, and if you can understand where you are in that hierarchy, you can identify what needs immediate attention. Simply fix that one thing next, and your business will naturally and effortlessly level-up.

You may be familiar with Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy of Human Needs (originally published in 1943). According to his theory, there are 5 core categories of human need. The 5 core needs start with the most primitive, basic human needs for survival (food, water, air, shelter), through to more and more sophisticated needs at the top related to self-actualization (morality, creativity, self-expression).

In order to fulfill needs higher up on the hierarchy, we must first fulfill the needs below it.

The same principle applies to the Business Hierarchy of Needs. The five core levels of business needs are: Sales, Profit, Order, Impact, and Legacy. Within each level, there are essential “needs” that must be adequately fulfilled, before you should focus your attention on fulfilling needs at a higher level. In the next section.

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