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If not you, who? If not now, when?

No matter how hard we want to, there’s one thing we can never do and that’s change the past. We can weep, beat our fists against the wall, or eat bags of cookies to assuage the guilt, but it won’t make the slightest bit of difference and won’t make us feel any better. The past is gone, over, no more.

Continuing to wish that our actions or words had been different means we’re really not here in the present, we’re living in what-could-have-been or what-might-have-been or if-only. If the past seems too painful or even too boring then we switch over to the future, that place of infinite potential that we want to believe could be real, like wishful thinking or a daydream. We live in what-might-be or what-could-be.

Instead we can change our attitude. Fully accepting that the past is irreversible and the future doesn’t exist means we can actually be in the present moment. What a relief! Finally we can just be here and now. Wow! What a revelation!

How does that apply to Entreprenuership?

If you are an entreprenuer, it is time to decide if this is the LAST day of running a non-profit or "almost-non-profit" business. There is a saying that I have found to be true: "if you always do, what you've always done, you will get what you've always gotten". Not great grammar but TRUTH. It is time to do things differently.

How can we get present to running our business better? By asking for advice. By following the advice. By taking small steps consistently. By doing something differently and sticking to it.

If a ship is moving towards a destination, it is "staying the course". If the ship captain changes the course by one little degree, the change is not seen right away. But miles down the road, the boat's trajectory has changed the destination. DRAMATICALLY. Just a 1 degree change can make the difference to landing on a new continent!

Now is the time and you are the only one who can do it. Change your trajectory by 1 degree. "yes Diana, but where do I point the ship?"

Good question.

Let's start with the 2019 Plan To Profit workshop. In the workshop we will set ONE business goal and put the plan in place to achieve it. Because I will bet that you've made goals before but you didn't sit down and put together the plan to implement it.

How do I know that? Because 90% of entreprenuers are not in business after a few years. You and I won't be here in a few years unless we do this.

We will also create a one-page business plan to guide your business in 2019. IF you keep this one-pager with you at all times and refer to it daily, you will NOT waste time or money on activities that are not in your business plan. That alone, can save you thousands of dollars and many, many hours of chasing your tail "trying something".

I will teach you a simple system to allocate your business' income UP FRONT and insure you are profitable in the very next 30 days. You will have profit dollars in a separate account and even your taxes will be safely put away every single month. No more using personal credit cards to pay your tax bill. Those days are done.

If you are ready to answer the call, click on this link and register:

If not you, who? If not now, when?

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