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Do you still love your business?

That may sound like a silly question, but I believe it is everything.

Do you love your business? Or have you fallen out of love with it? Did your business thrill you when you first started and now it feels like a ball and chain?

We entrepreneurs get weary from time to time. Running a business is exhausting. And it's easy to resent it after a while.

But those feelings, as normal as they may be, WILL affect your business. All your attempts will be half-hearted. Your customers will not hear excitement in your voice any more.

Your co-workers will sense your lack of enthusiasm.

And it will all affect your bottom line.

I have been so tired and demoralized with my business that TWICE I have begun the process of shutting it down. I was DONE. I was tired of being sick and tired.

Here's what I did to save my sanity: I sat down with someone whom I trusted and I shared my frustration. She listened and wisely reminded me of all the good that I had done through my business. She reminded me of my WHY.

I had lost sight of my WHY.

I went back to the basics. Put away the To-Do List which was sucking the life out of my body and I looked at what I needed to do with fresh eyes. I prioritized my week, month and quarter based on the reason I went into business to begin with.

I had a good cry, let out some emotions and then moved forward. With love for my business, my customers, my soul-print in the business world. I remembered my WHY.

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