If you are wondering if I can help you, here are industries I have served ...


Law Practices, Marketing Agencies, Medical Billing Companies, Mobile Communication Vendors, Microphone Sales, Retail, Amazon eCommerce Vendors, Defense Contractors, CPA Firms, Hospital IT Operations, Banking, Transportation (Trucking and Railway), Outsourced Financial Services, Brokerage, Coaching / Consulting, Food Services, Credit Counseling Agency, Roofers, Metal Roof Manufacturers, Real Estate Investors, Branding Agency, Courier, Beverage Distributors, Aerospace, Health Coaching, Chiropractic Offices and Podcasting Editing Providers.

A letter of recommendation

from a satisfied client

"After the third person told me I needed to read Profit First, I bought Mike’s book and began applying his approach to my small business. My finances looked pretty grim, and I hoped his way of thinking would help.


I found Diana Miret in May 2020 through Mike’s network of Fix This Next advisors. I didn’t know it at the time, but she would be the guiding force in making my business financially successful. We first identified the current issues and focused on better addressing my clients’ needs. 


Then, Diana walked me through an accurate Profit First assessment, gave me a clear sense of where my business was financially, and made suggestions about what might help. She continues to work with me twice a month, and because of her, my business is in better shape than it has ever been.


My tax account had more than enough money to pay my income taxes. I was able to turn my business into an S corporation, so now, I am receiving a monthly paycheck, and money is going into my various accounts. 


Every month, Diana and I review my financials, and when necessary, she recalculates my TAPs, and we adjust the percentages transferred to each account.


I offer both services and one primary product, and I never thought I’d see the day when I had money in my accounts to cover the $30,000 investment needed to purchase inventory.


Do I think Diana is a miracle worker? You bet I do. I have recommended her and Profit First to so many people. I am still in awe as to how this turnaround happened. I don’t understand why this system works, but I don’t care. My bank accounts all show healthy balances, I’m paying myself, and I’m taking a twenty-three-day vacation with my husband in August.  Amazing!"

Patricia C.