Our Methodology: 
The Plan to Profit System

Ignorance is not bliss.
Ignorance is expensive.

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You get results by having a method.  I have a methodology that works.  My 9-step system was developed after decades of working with many industries and helping clients attain RESULTS.

Step 1 - 3 work on the 15 drivers of revenue and profit.  We break them down, understand how they impact your business and learn to make the small changes that yield HUGE impact.

Step 4 - 6 document the goals of the business owner as it relates to compensation and exit strategy.

Steps 7 - 9 is where the planning becomes real - with our clear Path To Profit dashboard that outlines what needs to be fixed to achieve the results.

The main result you get is CLARITY.  You understand your numbers, what they mean, if they are getting better or worse and here's the best part:  

You have a PLAN.

In my 25 years as a professional project manager and accountant, I learned the secret to a successful business:  having a clear, detailed, actionable PLAN that takes into account money.

This methodology provides business owners / CEOs with financial optics which allow them to make better decisions and as a result, put more money in their jeans.