The biggest challenge business owners face is knowing what their biggest challenge is.

If you find your business trapped between stagnating sales, staff turnover and unhappy customers, what do you fix first? 

To proactively correct something in your business, you need solid systems in place. Fix This Next (c)*

was created for this purpose.


I am one of the first advisors certified in this powerful assessment tool.  It is designed to pinpoint where you are in your business, what to fix first, and how to reach your business goals. 

At this foundational level, the business must focus on the creation of cash.

If you don't have sales, the company will not survive for long.

The company's focus shifts to the creation of STABILITY.  Massive revenue does not mean much when you have no profit, no cash reserves, and are drowning in debt.

At this level, the focus is on the creation of efficiency, and the needs are related to ensuring everything runs like clockwork.

At this level, the focus is on the IMPACT of the business on the world; the needs of the business are related to client transformation.

At this level, the focus is on the creation of permanence.  Ensuring that the business and the impact it delivers will live on after the owner moves on and continues to thrive for generations.


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* The FIX THIS NEXT assessment was created by Mike Michalowicz.  The writer of "PROFIT FIRST" and "CLOCKWORK"